This is how Valencia celebrates sport on 9 October
Valencian paella

This is how Valencia celebrates sport on 9 October

Torres de Serranos, sea, paella and emotional videos: this is how Valencia teams and athletes celebrate October 9

October 9 is the Commonwealth of Valencia Day and commemorates the entry of King Jaime I of Aragon the Conqueror into the city of Valencia in 1238. It is worth noting that among the main acts the flag of Valencia is Real Senera. , 8, departs for the Cathedral, where a popular Te Deum is held. The environment leads to Plaza de Alfonso el Magnรกnimo, where a flower presentation is held in front of the equestrian statue of Jaime I. After that, the entourage returns to the Town Hall and ends the action with the firing of a mascletรก in the Community capital.

October 9 is also a holiday. saint donis (Spanish, San Dionisio), traditionally considered the patron saint of lovers, so this day mochaora, Knotted silk handkerchief on which marzipan candies, handmade by Valencian pastry chefs, are placed.

Valencian clubs, for example Valencia CF, Upgrade UD or Valencia Basket did not miss the opportunity to celebrate with their fans on their social networks. Iconic images, emotional videos and many references to the lands that host them have been reasons to celebrate this festival.

This is how Valencia celebrates sport on 9 October
This is how Valencia celebrates sport on 9 October

This is how Valencia clubs celebrate 9 October

Award-winning athletes

The Generalitat’s High Distinction, awarded on the occasion of October 9, fell this year to writers Miguel Hernรกndez, Enric Valor and Manuel Vicente, singer Sole Gimรฉnez and the people of Ukraine.

Consell’s plenary has approved the awards this Friday to be presented at the corporate act of Valencia Community Day on Sunday; this includes writer Juan Josรฉ Millรกs, who is also the organizer of the ‘I’m older, not’ campaign. an idiot’, Carlos San Juan, social deal and businesswoman Dolores Cortรฉs at Ford Almussafes.

Sporting Merit Distinctions are for the driver Pascual Sanchis Navarro, ‘Pigat I’; sailing athlete Ivรกn Pastor Lafuente; base basketball player Anna Gomez Same; and Valencia Community Sports Managers and Professionals Association (GEPACV), who turns 25

And the honorary title of Ambaixador from the Community of Valencia is for football referee. Tono Mateu LahozHe has managed 270 matches so far in the first division of Spanish men’s football.

Mateu Lahoz honored and awarded 9 d'octobre
Mateu Lahoz honored and awarded 9 d’octobre

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