This is what Port Olimpic restaurants will look like in 2024: specials and prices

This is what Port Olimpic restaurants will look like in 2024: specials and prices

countdown to Restoration of Port Olimpic in Barcelona. Seven restaurants resisting in this singular place in front of the sea will live their lives. last christmas at gregal quaybecause they have to leave the building for 10 days after the Three Kings festival. Demolition work begins in January and the construction of new buildings in July.

Port Olympic, a deep transformationgoing far beyond closing of troublesome night bars this shook his prestige. Transfer of administration to municipalities in 2020, new stagewill result in its opening. New gastronomic offer in summer 2024 Right on time America’s Cup. Renovation of the restoration was scheduled for a later time, but the council pushed it forward a year and a half so sailors wouldn’t find the bars closed.

open selection

Two months ago, the government of Ada Colau and Jaume Collboni, outlines new restaurant offer under the brand Gastronomic Balcony. But definitive concreteness has now come public tender opening, 17 November as the deadline for submitting applications. The municipal macro business B:SM thus initiates the selection of restaurant operators. will be made with future facilities for a period of at least 12 years.

According to the documents reached by EL PERIÓDICO, the bases contain many striking details such as the variety of cuisine to be experienced and the serious increase in rents. about 11 restaurants, plus 3 cabins Before the end of the year, a specialization is assigned to each of the 11 large facilities of 85 m2 for the shops or tastings to be put out to tender, and a weighted rental fee is assigned to each of them according to the position, public and personnel load to be replaced. They add up to the estimated capacity 2,304 dinners.

No applications have yet been received, but Olga Cerezo, the new manager of Port Olimpic, is confident that they will receive many offers in the last week of the term. “It’s hard to know how many there are, but many interested companies have come to us to ask and want existing restaurants to continue,” he replies to this newspaper. there will be a gap importantThere are not so many symbolic places in Barcelona,” he claims. Municipal investment only balcony 15.9 million euros.

rents have skyrocketed

The new facilities will be rented at market price, not from the shore, but from the city’s classic restaurant districts such as Tuset, Francesc Macià, Pau Vila or Joan de Borbó. However, since the current fees for the Olympic period are much lower (about 17 euros per square metre), the change of scenery, significant increase in rents. In some cases they practically triple. The most expensive facilities exceed 37,500 euros per month, the two cheapest are around 23,000. Most cost around 31,000 euros per month.

You will need to rent add a flat rate of 6 euros per m2 per month for joint services. This cost maintenance assumes between 4,600 and 2,860 euros per month. From one game to the next, the most expensive restaurant will pay the Barcelona City Council more than 40,000 euros each month.

“We’ve studied prices with specialist companies, we have two market studies,” Cerezo says. “While it may seem a bit high compared to what’s available, we’re resident considering the average ticket, location, and staff to replace,” he argues. As for the workforce, the tender points to indicative numbers, but the exact ones will be known when existing restaurants close. “At the last moment all winners can resign if the final load doesn’t suit them,” he explains.

Paella will no longer be queen

11 buildings are spread over two levels: 4 premium restaurants upstairs and 7 more varied and affordable restaurants on the pier floor. The 4 highest category rooms have panoramic views of Nova Icària beach and direct access from the promenade. Four large photovoltaic panels will act as the roof, and the dining room will face the water through a cantilever protruding from the breakwater.

they will be dedicated “world cuisine and innovation”, that is, a middle-high level public and with an interest in the latest gastronomic trends. With this, Port Olimpic wants to move away from the perception of a beach corner where you go to eat paella, a cliché that currently attracts more tourists than locals. The fourth superior local, with its loyal parishioners, will retain this market share: It basically looks like “blue gastronomy”.

The first three will pay the most expensive rent: 49 euros per m2. The first person in the lower level will also pay for it, which was occupied by the Moncho chain years ago. It will be the largest and largest of visitors entering Port Olimpic from the beach. new sand foot access.

Unofficial menus and menus

Facilities downstairs Thanks to the high pergola created by photovoltaic panels, they will have a glazed building with sun and shade and a large terrace of more than 230 m2. Goodbye to current tents then Those who do not see the sea from the tables inside. B:SM wants these places to be more focused on the port’s employees, customers and daily usersespecially the blue economy businesses that will start operating by the end of 2023 At Mestral and Coat docks.

In other words, they will mainly feed the working and people of Barcelona, ​​so their offerings should adapt to this diet and pocket. It is also called upon to provide an affordable attraction for boaters and pedestrians who come to the port for recreation. The specifications of the competition determine 7 areas, namely “flexible-fast good” cuisine (healthy, with many vegetarian options), Catalan cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, “daily meals” (sweet and savory snacks), seafood cuisine, appetizers and canteen. daily menu.

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The rent of these buildings is 44 euro/m2, excluding the first building (49 euro/m2) and the last building (34 euro/m2). And that’s because facilities 4 and 14 (the furthest from the promenade at each level) are tendered together because they have a high workforce to replace them. One of the conditions determined by the catering contract for job transfers is that the workforce can continue at the new stage. In this case, it is the restaurant workers with the most staff that are split between the two buildings so that potential franchisees can get better numbers.

Restaurant owners interested in occupying one of the new buildings must prove experience and affordability. You can apply for a maximum of 2 places, except 4 and 14, which must be submitted to both bids. B:SM clearly states in the rules that: will not accept applications that pay less fixed per m2. But paying more won’t be the key to get the desired place, because the offered price gives only 10% of the points of the selection process. The rest is provided by the gastronomic offer, the sustainability and the design of the space.

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