This Sunday, Sueca will celebrate the 61st edition of the International Paella Valenciana Contest.
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This Sunday, Sueca will celebrate the 61st edition of the International Paella Valenciana Contest.

VALENCIA. this 61 edition International Valencian Paella Competition de Sueca is preparing to present an excellent international gastronomic event on Sunday, September 11. On this occasion they will 42 professionals from 12 countries different, those who want to achieve the title of ‘the best paella in the world’ by cooking the traditional recipe of the competition under the same conditions and with the same ingredients, once again on the symbolic Paseo de la Estación, which hosts Concurs. two years later for the pandemic.

We had to increase the number of chefs this year in order not to leave any country that wanted to participate without joining. We have worked hard for months to offer citizens and visitors alike a day of celebration and tradition around our most international dish. And as Spain’s City of Rice we are delighted that we have managed to place our Concurs where it is,” said the councilor in charge of the competition. Manoli Egea. In addition, the public and visitors VII Firarros, Located on Paseo de la Estación during the weekend, where you can taste a wide variety of rice dishes, artisanal sausages and traditional desserts.

Also, those wishing to enjoy the Contest’s authentic paella can do so throughout the year at the many restaurants in the city that offer the contest’s original recipe on their menus. This Innovations introduced in the last edition By the responsible council in cooperation with the Sueca y Playas Hospitality Guild.

Mayor of Sweden, Dimas Vazquez It has shown its satisfaction to be able to celebrate the 61st edition of the Contest to its fullest already, after restrictions suspended in 2020 and due to be implemented in 2021. We are proud to see the fruits of this international gastronomy event every year. It is our duty to recognize the importance of this legacy they left us and to continue working to improve it.”

more than 40 participants

Regarding the awards, three awards will be given to the best paella of the edition, as well as the best paella cooked by a local, regional, national and international restaurant. Additionally, commendations of Paelleros de Honor will be handed over, this time posthumously, to the famous Swedish Antonio Puchades (footballer) and Pascual Carrasquer (fallero artist).

Accommodation and restaurant businesses from around the world were invited to participate. Swedish: Galiana Restaurant Bar, Restaurant Sequial 20 and El Rebost Restaurant. On behalf of the competitors Valencian Community These are: Mornell Restaurant (El Palmar, Valencia), Vernetta Restaurant (Valencia), Casa Macario Restaurant (Tavernes de Valldigna, Valencia), Mesón El Molino (Valencia), Venta San Jordi (Alcoy, Alicante), Chef Amadeo (Playa) Gandia , Valencia), Setaygues Restaurant (Siete Aguas, Valencia), Valhalla Restaurant (Algemesi, Valencia), El Mosaic Restaurant (Meliana, Valencia), Goya Gallery Restaurant (Valencia), Ca Tomás Restaurant (Alzira, Valencia), Casa Granero Restaurant ( Serra, Valencia), Al Grano Restaurant (La Cañada, Paterna, Valencia) and Enboga-Bar Restaurant, Valencia.

From various autonomous communities will attend: La Ula Restaurant (Hotel Santa Eulalia) (Puertollano, Ciudad Real), El Muelle del Barrio Pesquero Restaurant (Santander, Cantabria), Atlántico 57 Restaurant (A Coruña), La Grifería Gastrobar (Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife), Mesón El Copo (Palmones, Los Barrios, Cádiz), In Blanko Taberna (Pinto, Madrid), Catedral Restaurant Hotel Palacio de La Marquesa (Teruel), La Basílica Restaurant (Candelaria, Tenerife), Tasca y Arroces “El Puente” (Palma) de Mallorca), Restaurant l’Arròs (Deltebre, Ebro Delta), Makkila Restaurant (Madrid), Fandango Restaurant (Es Pujol, Formentera) and Gusto Sevilla Restaurant (Seville).

as much as possible international participationwe will have: Tasty Paella (Texas, USA), La Solórzano (Puerto Rico), Bornheimer Ratskeller (Frankfurt Am Main, Germany), Toro Bar (Zurich, Switzerland), Casa Paella LTD (Diamond Harbour, Canterbury, New Zealand), Tapas Revolution Restaurants ( UK), Aupa (Osaka, Japan), Little Spain Restaurant (Yeonheedong, Seoul, Korea), Crocus Gastronomy Services (Guadalupe, Zacatecas, Mexico), Simply Spanish (South Melbourne, Australia), Curie’s Catering Group (Bell Gardens, California, USA) and Paella & Gourmet, (Le Touquet Paris plage, France).

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