This was the original recipe for Albufera de Valencia.
vegetable paella

This was the original recipe for Albufera de Valencia.

Anyone seeking the origin of Valencian paella lagoonIt is the epicenter of Valencian gastronomy and possibly the most well-known and cosmopolitan dish of Spanish cuisine. Although the cultivation of rice and the preparation of different dishes in which this grain is used as the main ingredient is very old, The first mention of “Valencian paella” appears in a recipe book from s. eighteenth.

Dionisio Pérez writes Guide to good Spanish food paella contains eel, snails and green beans it appears in some of the first recipes and also points out that there are many variations of the dish. Other writers like Blasco Ibáñez reeds and mud or chief Rafael Vidal, initially, There was also a swamp mouse.

Paella is a modest dish in which the base is a simple and inexpensive ingredient like rice. The peasants of the time hunted rats and eels in ditches and marshes. They could not hunt ducks because they were reserved for nobles and kings, and poaching was forbidden in particular solemnity from the s. XVII.

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