Twelve fascinating offers to enjoy a paella in Seville
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Twelve fascinating offers to enjoy a paella in Seville



Paella is a Spanish brand. If there is a dish that transcends the boundaries of our gastronomy and has replicas even on refrigerator magnets, it is dry rice in a double-handled skillet.

In Valencia, they allow only minimal variations to call it “paella”, although they consider the recipe to be just authentic, which includes rabbit, chicken, flat green beans, and garrofó—a larger white bean than fabada. Like adding artichokes or snails, the truth is, there are as many varieties as there are ingredients on the market.

Therefore, apart from the simplicity of the recipe, GURMÉ, we will suggest twelve bars, restaurants and market stalls where we can pay our respects with dry rice paella.

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Inside Future Market we find Arrocería Otaola, the home of his home. Chef Carlos Otaolaa site that pays tribute to this cereal almost thirty rice options in paella, a traditional Valencian one with octopus, mussels and squid with eel, seignorette, lobster and even duck and goose with donuts. Otaola completes its offer with dry rice as well as broth, sweet rice, fideuás and traditional dishes of Seville gastronomy.

Address: San Salvador Street, 18, El Porvenir Market

Telephone: 661 04 66 02

rice criaito

We continue on the market route and this time we stop on the first floor of the street. Triana Market, specifically, at Rice Criaito. This place has earned its place on the list with more. twenty dry rice options in paella. These include classic recipes like arroz a banda, black rice you can eat alone, with shrimp or garlic cuttlefish, and less traditional recipes like tuna-bellied and chard rice, cauliflower, or cod with paella. with eggs.

Added to this offer wide variety of sweet and soupy riceboth fish and seafood as well as meat, fideuás and an extensive tapas and portion menu.

Address: Altozano Square, Triana Market

Telephone: 680 70 84 39

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Very close to the San Bernardo station, a tape, a restaurant specializing in rice with more than ten paella rice options: Black rice with calamari, peeled shrimp and ali-oli, chicken and seasonal vegetables, rice with broad beans and wild asparagus and ham, vegetables from the garden or lean pork with Iberian rice, artichokes and slices of Iberian ham.

They also offer a wide repertoire of soup and sweet rice dishes, fideuás, a wide variety of meat and fish, and other traditional dishes.

Address: Corner of Rector Candil Street, Presidente Cárdenas Street, 2

Telephone: 954 09 45 79


The embassy of Albufera Nature Park, where different rice varieties are grown in Valencia, is located in the bar that bears its name at 5 Corbeta Street.

inside that large terrace Tapas, sandwiches, portions, meat and fish dishes, often stews and rice of the day You can eat it in tapa format or on a plate. But if you go with your family or friends, you can order the whole paella by booking in advance.

Address: Corvette Street, 5, B

Telephone: 639 83 88 37

Arrozante, rice house

Arrozante, rice house a Barceló Hotels’ gastronomic conceptRecommended by chef Carlos Otaola. in Sevilla they have two organizationsone at the Hotel Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento on Isla de la Cartuja and the first opened Hotel Occidental Sevilla Viapol.

They the menu is focused on rice and flavors of the Mediterranean.or where we always bet on seasonal produce, from the most traditional Valencian paellas to the most authentic rice dishes. Among the dry rice varieties you can eat in paella are arroz a banda, black rice with squid, seignoret rice with squid, lobster with shark and cambón tail, seasonal vegetables with or without chicken, or goose and duck bun.

Address: Calle Enramadilla, 23, at Hotel Occidental Sevilla Viapol and Av. Álvaro Alonso Barba, s/n is at Hotel Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento.

Telephone: 954 64 52 54 (West Viapol) / 955 09 06 64 (Renaissance Seville)

Jaleo Guadalquibeer and Tapas

Third Sunday on our route, Fair Street Market, where we found Jaleo Guadalquibeer & Tapas, the largest stand in the complex. An enormous middle bar, an old fish cellar, large terrace From the Plaza de Calderon de la Barca and various side benches where the kitchen is set up, Jaleo offers craft beers Completely gluten-free brand Guadalquibeer, which can be accompanied by tapas and portions such as confit red tuna salad, brioche tartare or mechá prey croissants, oysters and some seafood such as shrimp and different dry rice in paella which you can order onsite, have a large plate of paella they make on the weekends, or reserve your own for any celebration. Among them you can ask chicken and artichokes, seafood, or black rice.

Address: Fair Market, Pl. Calderon de la Barca

Telephone: 644 48 32 13

Paella Seville

Paella Sevilla a paella concept to take away With two establishments, one on Calle Alemanes and the other on Calle Albuera, Calle Alemanes to enjoy paella wherever you want.

The proposal is a fideuá and five rice dishes in paella: traditional Valencian, black rice, seafood paella, banda with arroz shrimp or Iberian cheekbones, chistorra, rice blood sausage, potatoes and chickpeas.

Address: Albuera Street, 11 / Alemanes Street, 15

Telephone: 954 00 80 67 / 601 38 12 00

Paella and Sons, Valencia rice house

Paella e Hijos is a rice house specializing in rice production. recipes and preparations in traditional Valencian stylethrough premium products where they prioritize organic and local ingredients.

You can enjoy at this property. paella and rice dishes on site or order them to be taken both whole and in portions, or to bring them home with you. home service.

In addition to souped rice dishes and fideuá, they offer a choice of up to seven dry rices, ranging from traditional Valencian to cauliflower and cod, one of the vegetables, cooked rice with pork ribs, chickpeas, onion blood sausage, potatoes and tomatoes, and shrimp, oysters and ink a black one with squid.

Address: C. Court, 15, 41003 Seville

Telephone: 630 14 00 97

White Martin

Organization of the disappeared Pepe Blanco and supporting his family today It has a bar, an interior lounge and a terrace for al fresco dining. At this place, you can eat tapas with a wide and varied menu of traditional dishes, or you can eat it in half portions and on a plate. At noon every day of the week, they serve the authentic specialty of this restaurant, pork ribs and mushroom dry rice.

Address: Hunting. San Francisco Javier, 9, Seville Building 2

Telephone: 954 09 55 19

oak house

At the traditional Casa Robles, they have been serving the flavors of traditional Andalusian cuisine in the heart of Seville for over 60 years.

Offering meticulous food aesthetics and a gastronomic presentation of the highest quality products, Casa Robles’ menu features Andalusian seafood paella served in a pot, which you can enjoy in its interior room or on the terrace.

Address: Alvarez Quintero Avenue, 58

Telephone: 954 21 31 50


adjacent, next to San Sebastian Meadow We find the Áncora restaurant. large terraceIt serves breakfast on weekdays and lunch and dinner on weekends.

On its menu you will find a wide selection of starters, fish, meat and pasta. juicy rice and dry ricesuch as baked Iberian with chickpeas, potatoes, black pudding and tomatoes, black rice or seafood.

Address: Cadiz Street, 9

Telephone: 954 70 11 80


In the historical centre, next to the cathedralGusto restaurant is open every day of the week, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can find it in your letter traditional rationsSalads, gourmet burgers, smoked meats, a green section with vegan and vegetarian options and rice selection in paellaThese include Senyoret rice with shellfish and peeled shellfish, Valencian paella, black rice, seafood rice or Sabater rice with vegetables and mushrooms.

Address: German Street, 23

Telephone: 954 50 09 23

adjacent, next to

Al Lado restaurant offers Italian and Mediterranean inspired cuisine in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, which includes a variety of paella types. Located in the Eme Catedral Mercer hotel, it has everything from seasonal veggie paella with baby squid and aioli to black rice, glazed Iberian cheek paella and typical seafood and mollusc paella. Served for at least two people.

Address: Alvarez Quintero, 45

Phone: 954 561 020.

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