Unthinkable traditional food in fashion in New York
Valencian paella

Unimaginable traditional food trending in New York

hudson yard Without a doubt, New York’s new star neighborhood. Running parallel to the Hudson River, this urban development has it all: from the original parks – Little Island – to a walk along the old train tracks –High Line– even one hundred percent Spanish food market. Small Spanish MarketOpened in early 2019 by Jose Andres and brothers Albert and Ferran Adria It’s a celebration of all-you-can-eat Spanish gastronomy, from potato omelettes to Valencian paella and Iberian ham.

Madrid style tripe is fashionable in New York.  Photo: Getty Creative

Madrid style tripe is fashionable in New York. Photo: Getty Creative

However, beyond the common places of Spanish food, in Mercado Little Spain, where there are different restaurants, a traditional dish like few of them was the big surprise on the menu. tell us Nico LopezCulinary director of this peculiar Spanish culinary “embassy” in the Big Apple.

We sell a lot of tripe rations.. When I joined the project and suggested that there be tripe on the menu, they immediately said that they had tried it thousands of times in America, but this offal dish was not sold. The Madrid chef laughs, “As a result, after a few years, people in New York are eating tripe.”

The dish can be found in a selection called “Grandma’s Kitchen” at the Spanish Diner restaurant, which resembles a Spanish-style restaurant. The formulation leaves no room for doubt:tripe with chickpeas, black pudding and chorizo“. López assures that they’re “Madrid style,” even though the addition of black pudding makes them a much more on-trend version of regional cuisines like Asturian. They are accompanied by crusty and toasted bread. They are also served in a clay pot. so customers feel as if they have been transported to a tavern in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor.

Mercado Little Spain contains tripe, chorizo ​​and also black pudding.  Photo: Getty Creative

Mercado Little Spain contains tripe, chorizo ​​and also black pudding. Photo: Getty Creative

López is pleased with the welcome the meal has received among New Yorkers: “Tripe sauce is pure protein. Strong, but pure gelatin. I love that moment when you take the bread and scrape the last spoonful of tripe on the plate.This is the young chef’s dedication to tripe, who inherited his passion for cooking from his childhood thanks to his grandmother Carmen, and this young chef’s dedication to tripe, who recently participated and was involved in the preparation of the signature menu of the ‘premium’ sausage brand Cinco Jotas. traditional food…in an innovative way.

“What I’ve done for Cinco Jotas is to include the ham as a seasoning. We place the hot bread slices on which we put the handmade ham covered with hot tripe sauce. so the ham sweats out the fat,” the chef comments.

While the ‘bestsellers’ at Mercado Little Spain are still croquettes, churros or patatas bravas – “after all, they’re like Spanish sushi,” reflects López – this chef assures: In addition to tripe, the demand for dishes reminiscent of traditional cuisine has also increased a lot.. We introduced recipes “from home” at Spanish Diner, the most popular restaurant. fricando -Catalan beef stew with mushrooms-, cuttlefish meatballs, cannelloni, but also everyday dishes like ours. Cuban rice or pasta with chorizo“. Simple and traditional recipes that seduce New Yorkers who perhaps have never dreamed of dipping bread in tripe’s ‘lipstick’ sauce.

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