Valencian paella |  A Mexican makes 'the best paella in the world'
Valencian paella

Valencian paella | A Mexican makes ‘the best paella in the world’

Swedish trying to get back to normal step by step and it’s a good example 61st Edition of the International Competition Valencia Paella from sweden.

this Crocus Restaurant Gastronomy Services Rise with Mexico Award accrediting him as the person who prepared the ‘best paella in the world’declaring himself the winner of the competition, this 2022 celebrates its 61st edition.

this second place went to this competition Meson El Molino de Valenciameanwhile he Bornheimer Ratskeller received from Frankfurt third prize in this prestigious competition culinary.

As for the rest of the awards, best nationally cooked paella went to the restaurant Atlantic 57 from A Coruña, best international paella for him Texas Delicious Paellawhile the best paella Valencian Community gone up to Canada and reward best local paella fell in this pressure Reboot.

For the winners of this contest of this contest Seafood Rice“It was really a pleasure to be able to win this award, Anything is possible if you want to succeed and after that, at least to try, best swedish agents all over the world“.

Responsible department oldest gastronomy competition held in Spain, that the event is again as it was before the pandemic.

dean’s competition has worldwide recognition in the industrynot only because it is the oldest of the celebrated, but also, besides, the demand for exhibitors increases with each edition.

The influence and visibility of paella

this Jordi Mayor Assistant for Tourism and Music Activitiesin this issue of the competition, Swedish gastronomy competition“not only has it now become a benchmark, but openly promote the best food in the world, paella“.

The mayor also said, “The hard thing is not to do anything. gastronomy competition“What determines its importance is that it maintains this high level every year, as in the case of Sueca, and there are currently 61 of them. excellence demonstrated by the organization and participants” indicates.

For Manoli Egea, councilor responsible for the competition, “It is an event with great resonance, attended by participants from different countries of the world”.

this Swedish Mayor Dimas VazquezHe showed his satisfaction that he was back after his absence last year.

Vázquez wanted to “value” year-round workdiagonally from all departments and especially from the person in charge of the competition, so that everything succeeds”.

Vázquez likewise wanted to thank his presence. different participants from all corners of the world.

In this sense, Egea underlined the work, perseverance and enthusiasm that he had to make all his investments. Sweden Town Hall‘ and, in particular, ‘support received by the council in charge of the competition’.

He also expressed his desire that “this pressure first of the new normal and also to be remembered symbol of unity and faithful devotion this town hall and this city most prestigious competition”.

In addition to the awards given, three awards for best paella of the editionan award was given best paella cooked by a local restaurant, regional, national and international.

All participating restaurants

In this edition, they were invited to participate Swedish hotel and restaurant businesses Galiana Restaurant Bar, Restaurant Sequial 20 and El Rebost Restaurant.

Competitors from the Valencian Community are Mornell Restaurant (El Palmar), Vernetta Restaurant (València), Casa Macario Restaurant (Tavernes de Valldigna), Mesón El Molino (València), Venta San Jordi (Alcoi), Chef Amadeo ( Gandia Beach), Setaygues Restaurant ( Siete Aguas), Valhalla Restaurant (Algemesi), El Mosaic Restaurant (Meliana), Goya Gallery Restaurant (València), Ca Tomás Restaurant (Alzira), Casa Granero Restaurant (Serra), Al Grano (La Cañada)) and Enboga in Valencia -Bar Restaurant.

People from various autonomous communities attended La Ula Restaurant (Hotel Santa Eulalia), El Muelle del Barrio Pesquero Restaurant (Santander), Atlántico 57 Restaurant (A Coruña), La Grifería Gastrobar (Puerto de la Cruz), Mesón El Copo (Palmones). , In Blanko Taberna (Pinto), Cathedral Restaurant Hotel Palacio de La Marquesa (Teruel), La Basílica Restaurant (Candelaria), Tasca y Arroces “El Puente” (Palma de Mallorca), Restaurant l’Arròs (Deltebre), Makkila Restaurant ( Madrid), Fandango Restaurant (Es Pujol) and Gusto Sevilla Restaurant (Seville).

Regarding international participation, Tasty Paella (Texas), La Solórzano (Puerto Rico), Bornheimer Ratskeller (Frankfurt), Toro Bar (Zurich), Casa Paella LTD (Diamond Harbour), Tapas Revolution Restaurants (UK), Aupa. (Osaka), Little Spain Restaurant (Seoul), Crocus Gastronomy Services (Guadalupe), Simply Spanish (South Melbourne), Curie’s Catering Group (California), and Paella & Gourmet, (Paris).

Honored Paelleros

In this edition, the recognition Honored Paellerosthis time posthumously to two persons who had a special relationship with the event..

Without a doubt, two Swedish professionals. Legendary football player Valencia CF and the Spanish team, Antoni Puchadesand local fallero artist Pascual Carrasquetarecently died.

Great media attention

a test of the effect Sueca Valencian Paella International Competition he got it mediathose who have returned to join this call.

About 50 media organizations have been accredited to report on a topic. the biggest event even before the pandemic.

this presentation of the law It was produced by Swedish television. Eugeni Alemany.

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