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Paella is one of the most well-known recipes in our country. However, over the years different variations have been developed as a result of the original elaboration of the Valencian paella. However, there has always been a debate about what authentic paella is. Like this, The Catholic University of Valencia researched through a scientific study to provide the 10 ingredients that make up the real recipe.

The study gathered a wide variety of responses to get the materials right. especially, It collected data from 266 different towns in Valencia, including 400 non-professional chefs over 50. This investigation was led by a team of anthropologists Pablo Vidal, Pilar Medrano, and Enrique Sáez. It was also presented at a chef-led event last March. Jose Andres Y Rafael Vidal, Chef and supporter of the Levante restaurant in Benisanó.

Rice, water, olive oil, salt, saffron (or dye), tomatoes, flat green beans, carob beans, chicken and rabbit are the ten essential ingredients. authentic Valencian paella. Likewise, taking into account all the variations that exist, the study also showed that: Only 90% of the interviewees follow the recipe by heart. Only 88.9% are throwing rabbits. Detected as a result 38 other regularly used items and 50 occasional additions and they are not part of the original recipe.

Far from the usage percentages of the ten basic substances, but with a very important use, red pepper (62.5%), rosemary (52.2%) and artichoke (46.3%). Therefore, the authors of the study suggest that other rice dishes that do not meet the 10 mentioned ingredients should not be called ‘Paella Valenciana’ and should instead be called ‘paella’ or ‘rice…’.

Valencian paella: These are your must-have ingredients (not another one)

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