VOX Alicante exhibe fuerza en el encuentro VIVA 22 de Madrid
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VOX Alicante demonstrates strength at the VIVA 22 meeting in Madrid | ALICANTE PRESS

Mad Cool venue in Madrid witnessed the success of the mega event “VIVA22” VOX Spain. There, Santiago Abascal’s party demonstrated the solidity, unity, and consolidation of its ideas and values, and received overwhelming support from both its national affiliates and its sympathizers. twice as many participants VIVA 21) and at “support” level with star interventions donald trump (45th President of the United States), Giorgia Melony (The new winner of the Italian elections and the upcoming Prime Minister), Andrzej Duda (President of Poland), Viktor Orban (President of Hungary), Javier Milei (The leader of the Argentine party “La Libertad Avanza” and André Ventura (leader of the Portuguese party “Chega”), among others.

On Sunday, Santiago Abascal presented the political document at his rally “Spain decides” VOX demands “referendums” on issues of transcendence and “common sense” so that citizens can make decisions more directly and diagonally “energy sovereignty, immigration, education, equality, prohibition of separatist parties, water, subsidies and sovereignty of all”“.

On Saturday, political speech focused on glorifying the legacy of our extensive and legendary culture. Spanish and European history and cultureand to give “historical continuity” to all this legacy, advocating continuing to promote a “cultural war” at the political, ideological, economic and social levels.

Following his political trail, during VIVA 22 he had the opportunity to present the new Secretary General of the formation to all his associates and sympathizers, Ignatius Garrigaand acknowledging his predecessor’s work on the post for 7 years, Javier Ortega-Smith. Both gave an emotional speech.

Also, one of VOX’s favorite symbols was mentioned, Lara Ortega and VOX Madrid president and regional vice president, Dew Monastery.

All VOX Alicante delegation He took an active part in VIVA 22 and his stunning tent did not go unnoticed, quite the contrary.

As for the statements of VOX Alicante’s political leaders, they were varied, and they all congratulated themselves on the success of the training at the macro event, both at the national and provincial level.

Ana Vega, VOX Provincial President Alicante and Valencia Courts Spokesperson emphasized that VIVA 22 is “an inevitable appointment for everyone to learn about our project, in a super familiar and fun environment where we all come together and all provinces form brotherhood”. In that sense, Vega “invited everyone to participate in this edition and the next because it’s great” and invited all attendees “to come to the booth in Alicante to see how the province is and what it is.”

For VOX, which is facing the “election marathon” of 2023, when asked if the doubling of the number of attendees from last year was “an incentive”, she replied, “It’s always an incentive because you get to meet people they give a lot of power, a lot of support, and that’s always high.” and that all this reflects “a tendency and desire for change among the people”.

Speaking precisely of change, the Alicante leader said, Rise of MPs forecasting for VOX in Valencian Commonwealth election and the decisive role his party could have, and he was happy: “This is a response to the great work done by the entire people team of the province and it is encouraging to see the numbers increase in the polls, but yes in the trends and these are that there will be a change of government in the Valencian Community and that there will be a change of government in the communists and separatists, Ximo Puig’ He says it’s more necessary than ever to kick him out of our community”. Finally, he encouraged all participants to visit the province of Alicante “from end to end” and benefit from its “300 cataloged rice varieties” and its rich heritage and gastronomy. In the end, Vega chose the “favorite spot” of Polop de la Marina in the province.

“We will continue to make history together”

On your own behalf David GarciaThe district MP for VOX and the National Secretary of the Solidarity League was “very happy” because “the influx of people was so intense and it’s a privilege to be with our members, with people from all provinces, interacting with countless people. MPs, members of parliament and all other people.” He also stressed that VOX “is a very important social movement and that VIVA 22 perfectly reflects the spirit of VOX: the unity of the family, the country, our traditions and our history. And together we will continue to make history.”

Regarding the possible “stimulus” that the celebration of VIVA 22 represents for the next “election contests”, García said that “as we are the protection barrage and there is no VOX there is a battery load added to the project, nothing behind it, and yes, the 2030 Agenda and an empty avenue for globalists to impose their criminal agenda”.

San Vicente politician status “VOX worker assistantTo combat and contradict those who think that only “cayetanos” attend educational events, he cites the following proximate example: “Just before this interview, I was talking to my two lifelong neighbors, Paco and Pilar, who looked down on me. He’s a truck driver, he’s been fighting all his life, and so is he. We have very diverse and heterogeneous people here, and we’re telling the left that even if they try to fool us, they won’t succeed because people are clear that all of Spain is represented on VOX.”

Finally, García emphasized Alicante’s cultural and gastronomic richness and its “pleasant province” and chose “a cauldron of rice, mountain sausages and spirits” as the full Alicante menu.

“Honor Alicante’s municipal politics”

Approaching the Alicante capital, two councilors also made statements. VOX spokesperson and mayor at Alicante City Council, Mario Ortola He praised the “matching party between all provinces for the second consecutive year” and the “full” of Alicante tent “all people from La Terreta and all visitors from the rest of Spain”. This year, our character Azorín is a great writer.” He also stressed that this event “should serve as a starting signal to reverse the situation in Spain, and especially in Alicante.”

Precisely in the municipal sphere, Ortolá stressed that “VOX aspires to enter the government of Alicante” and will demonstrate the strength of his party: “We are the true alternative to the municipal smears made by the major parties, and we have come to honor this policy and the municipality for the people of Alicante”. The mayor of VOX welcomed the “winds of change blowing in Europe and around the world” for the victories and promotions of “patriotic and sovereign” formations. Finally, Ortolá opted for “scored for home” and more. 300 Alicante rice dishes He “with all due respect” on top of the Valencian paella and encouraged everyone to enjoy “excellent rice accompanied by a dominion of origin wine”.

Alicante City Council’s VOX councilor Pepe Bonet welcomed the “growth and the very strong response from all affiliates and supporters” at this VIVA 22 and said that “there is no party other than VOX that has managed to rally so many people in action right now” and confident that this will be reflected in the next elections. Likewise, he advocated “to continue to take advantage of the opportunity to continue promoting Alicante, Sun and Beach tourism, the famous hotel industry, the thriving Cruise industry, the welcoming and friendly spirit of Alicante.” like the rest, he chose “Alikya rice” as his favorite dish: “We are the city of rice.”

“My favorite product is the people of Alicante”

Finally, manual Master, National MP in the last two general elections for Alicante and number 1 of VOX, VIVA 22 is “an act that reaches the deepest spirit, especially for the normal and ordinary Spanish citizen who feels the values ​​of a nation, country, our traditions, our work and the way we exist.”

And we are extremely proud to see so many people who share our philosophy of life that promises freedom, work, honesty, rigor and justice.” He also believes that this action “will be a support for VOX” in the next elections. Finally, Mestre, He made it clear that Alicante’s favorite product is “people”: “kind, nice, intelligent and enterprising people”.

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