Want to know which products make the most money at Festa do Marisco?
seafood paella

Want to know which products make the most money at Festa do Marisco?

Satisfaction is noticed team of mayor José Cacabelosubiquitous throughout the event and the visible head of the town promotion and he is the “dining room of Galicia” who “cooked” Historical records after a two-year hiatus due to COVID, to unrivaled conditions to celebrate 60th anniversary, October 5-15, 2023.

When analyzing the results octopus, seafood rice, queen scallops (scallops), grilled razor clams, oysters a la marinera and mussels, because in that order, products that make the most money.

At least in terms of food, because With €51,000 from 4,221 bottles of Albariño wine, wine should also be placed at the top of the classification; above 19.392 Euros from O Ribeiro and 3,806 euros reached with mencía.


Festa do Marisco de O Grove, “Galician dining room”
Manual Mendez

this knife and fork products the aforementioned add up, no less, 449.000 Euro, lor which represents Half of the total revenue generated at LIX Festa do Marisco.

160.000 Euros for Octopus

In more detail it can be said that more than 10,000 servings of octopus sold reached 160,000 euroswhich clearly dominates the rankings.

next seafood ricewhich exceeded 10,000 servings, Although it lags far behind in terms of revenue, given the significantly lower price of each dish.

Special, 71.000 Euros were bought with Paella, led by famous local chef Lorena Moldes is the owner of the Pan de Millo restaurant.

Volandeira and razor clams

Third place in the ranking went to the queen scallops, which are prepared on the grill and known to many as scallops. Spread over 7,300 servings, which resulted in a deposit of 62,000 Euros.

above 61,000 Euros earned by those responsible for the knives with 7,133 rations grill.

they appear later oysters with revenue of more than 55,000 euros after the sale of approximately 4,700 servings4,166 of them corresponded to those prepared a la marinera (50,000 Euros). The remaining reference amount is the result of natural oyster sales.

to complete this The “top 6” representing 50% of the party’s total revenue they find each other Mussels from the Amegrove cooperative45,000 euros were billed after about 9,000 servings of “black gold” in salad dressing or tiger type were shipped from the steamed trays.

Scallops marinara style and other servings. FdV

there is absolutely unpaid income, especially considering that this mollusk is listed in the markets far below species such as octopus, razor shells and queen scallops.

The fact is that this product, which is very popular in the town of Mecca, Meloxo has one of the most important ports in Galicia, As always, he played a very important role in the party.

And not only was it sold directly in the aforementioned offerings, but It was also a staple ingredient in seafood rice and empanadas.

A young cook prepares a serving of tiger mussels. FdV

In this case say thousand servings (€4,707), bringing the total number of empanadas sold to almost 9,000 servings, if they are added tuna, rye, corn and octopus.

Positions where income analysis can be made, don’t forget the shrimp because with just 1,800 servings it earned more than 32,000 Euros.

Just as it should be cited Seafood croquettes with revenue of more than 25,000 euros (4,226 servings).

Regarding other products, it is worth noting the following. King crab specially caught for feasting in the northern seas, and that’s half a thousand rations and about 12,000 euros.

under 14,000 Euros were obtained with 1,555 portions of crabs and 26,000 Euros, which produces 3,652 servings of flat and curly oysters.


LIX Festa do Marisco: 230.000 Euros on the first weekend
Manual Mendez

They move in similar positions of the ranking O Grove mussels, almost 18,000 euros (836 plates), and produced seafood noodles Approximately 17,000 Euros after the sale of 2,400 portions.

Regarding other issued tickets, for example, it can be said that 3,724 to cooked scallop units (22,344 euros), Pancakes reported that over 9,000 euros were billed and nearly 27,000 reusable glasses, 6,400 bottles of water and 14,000 bottles of beer were sold.

Hotels are already waiting for spider crab consumers

When taking stock, hotels and restaurants They are already waiting for customers who will take them to the town of Mecca on the days when the spider crab was glorified.that, as yesterday, They will be deployed between November 7 and December 11.

They prepare especially intensively. Collaborating organizations of the Centolo Larpeiro Fellowshiporganizer of the annual meeting It will bring together 300 to 400 people from all over Spain and Portugal.


Good food lovers celebrate Centolo Larpeiro at O ​​Grove

On the occasion of this Centolo Larpeiro’s Grand Division, organization sent detailed information enogastronomical fraternities of the entire peninsula recommends businesses such as official restaurants Lareira do Larexo.

also advice Accommodation at hotels such as Abeiras, Talaso Louxo La Toja, Amandi, Maruxía, Norat O Grove Spa and Norat Marina & Spa.

In any case, much more will be available on these dates.

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