'We are a neighborhood business, but we have taken another step with online sales'
Valencian paella

‘We are a neighborhood business, but we have taken another step with online sales’

born in 1978 Simarro Hardwarewas founded by José Luis García Simarro in Alaquàs. He started on his own when he was unemployed, but soon that hardware store grew. Today, the hardware store is run by their daughters, Eli and Susana, who were babies when their father opened the business. They were responsible for digitizing the company with online sales and the creation of social networks. specializes in the sale of paella and paellero through their website. Eli and Susana don’t want any difference between the customer behind the counter and the customer on the other side of the screen.

This is how Paellaclick was born with the aim of presenting it to the consumer. The best products for the preparation of typical Valencian paella at competitive prices. They deliver to anywhere in the world like Norway, Switzerland, Singapore or Australia. Paellaclick bets only on products of the highest quality: all palleros and paella pans are products of the Garcima brand, the main producer of paellas worldwide and highly valued by professionals in the hotel industry and citizens of Valencia.

Eli, do you think paella or paella pan is a product that explodes?

Eli: Paella cooking has always been done, the best example being the Valencian paella. Now it is very fashionable to prepare other types of rice in paella.. Just see the many recipes and other rice dishes people have prepared on our blog. Social networks have proof of that. Many people who write or call us on WhatsApp are asking about the models and sizes of paella they should choose, as well as asking for recipes and some advice to improve the taste of that rice.

Susana, what makes you different from other websites whether they sell paella or not?

Susana: We are different because we are close. We are very small business, but we had to modernize and we are a mix of both. We’re a local, neighborhood business, but we’ve taken it a step further by adding online selling of our products. Our customers can come and buy materials from the store if they wish.. People love to see and touch what they buy. For this reason, those who cannot come because we do not have a next-door neighbor can contact us and ask questions. We are also the ones who contact the customer when we see something strange in an order. For example, a paellero that does not fit a support or two articles are not compatible. We will always send what the customer has decided to buy, we are here to advise, but the final word is always with the customers.

We are also sustainable. At paellaclick.com we recycle the boxes we don’t use.. For example, if we send a paellero with a larger paella, the box of that paellero will no longer serve us. It doesn’t work for this post, but it helps us post other items. In addition, our products are produced in our county Alaquàs. There is nothing more zero miles than that!

We also set ourselves a daily goal. try to have all orders leave our facilities on the same day. Anytime except holidays and weekends. In very few cases it is not achieved due to high order volume or lack of some materials, but this is not the norm. We are compatible.

Eli, have consumers’ buying habits changed?

Eli: Yes, it’s back to 2022 this year. Now large and even giant paellas are selling well again. This year, it was noticed that the festivities in the districts returned and the friends came together again, because such articles are mostly sent to rural areas. We all wanted to go back to normal.

Eli, can you tell us about the most requested products by customers?

Eli: Paella has been selling a lot lately “black leg”. They are paellas made with the pros in mind because they tend to use them more heavily than specialty ones. They are much thicker than regular ones and better withstand the overheating of high-powered paella pans and firewood. Also, great chefs are using them to cook all these new rice recipes we mentioned at the beginning and they want thin layer of rice and for this you have to use a larger than normal paella pan and a strong paella pan.

I saw you’re pretty active on Facebook and Instagram. Does any company take you to social networks?

Susana: No, I’m in charge of social networks. Every day we try to upload stories on Instagram, Facebook, some. pulley To remind people we’re there… There is no commerce in the 21st century that is not on networks.

Are you a member of a Facebook or WhatsApp group where you can share information about paellaclick.com?

Susana: Look, we have a WhatsApp group called. «Cooking with Paellaclick» Where we integrate the people who went to the rice course with us and Julián Fernández, always with their consent, of course. We also created a Facebook group with Julián and Pepe Fortea. Paella Zone, where we share the details and each of the professionals and managers resolve to the rest of the members any doubts that arose about some refinement, proportions or ingredients to be used in their rice dishes. It’s great to see how the rest of the group is sharing their rice with us family, friends, parties and even professionals from the rice world like Edu Torres.

We invite all Facebook users who love rice or are interested in making some rice to join us. we are waiting you all spherical rice and of course in www.paellaclick.com.

Now comes the surprise moment. on our website a 10% off, 99% of products. For all readers Upgrade-EMV Reaching the end of this interview, we created A discount coupon that can be used between September 20-25. Applying this coupon will get an additional 5% discount. coupon PAELLALEVANTE2022.

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