"We want to clean the image of Erasmus students"
Valencian paella

“We want to clean the image of Erasmus students”

Thanks to her, she will study in another country for a year. Erasmus programme It is often an experience of a lifetime. For More than 1,500 exchange students their chosen Spain keep track of your grades This weekend in Valencia will be one of their most memorable moments. the entire course. And ‘cap i casal’ welcomes you from this Friday to the first Sunday. Erasmus National Event your current course—there will be two more by next June.

Many young people from all over Europe and also from the rest of the world came to Valencia, raising the flags of their countries and even the autonomy flags of the Spanish university they came with. Thus, there were scenes as impossible as hearing. “yes, yes, yes, Valladolid,” dozens of Italians, Germans and Frenchor with a group of girls Twin flags of Lithuania and Andalusia Walking along Túria’s old bed.

this Erasmus Social Network (ESN)the organizer of the events chose this flag parade to start the celebrations of the event, The first of these features to be developed in Valencia since 2019. For the first time since the pandemic, so many Erasmus students from other parts of the country are concentrated in Valencia, thus joining around 5,000 students from different universities in the city. In addition to the ESNs of Valencian universities, large ESN groups from Castellón and Alicante are also participating, mainly responsible for the program of events.

It will be the first meeting of these features to be held in Valencia since pre-pandemic.


We started with a parade of flags to teach the interculturality of Valencia.It is also a city that can offer many opportunities to international students,” he says. Upgrade-EMV one of the organizers rocco garguilo, ESN volunteer at the University of Valencia. Gargiulo, who is Italian but stayed right in Valencia after doing his Erasmus year here a few years ago, says he wants events like this.”Clean up Erasmus student’s image“We are dedicated to destroying beach bars, there are very few who are like that, We want to show that there are many Erasmus in Spain who use their time to carry out social inclusion activities.as in the elderly and those with Down’s syndrome,” he confirms. Because not everything is a party – even if it’s a party.

Europe’s pillar

Community spirit is essential at Erasmus. They’re all from everywhere, but they belong to the same place: that’s what happened to the Italians, for example. valeria lazarinStudying in Alcalá de Henares and pointing to his fellowship. “I met them on the first day at four“. One of them, Erica VillaroelA Bolivian law student who was not included in the Erasmus program but had another scholarship but also went with the European group, “I never expected to come and meet people from so many places“. Not in vain Spain is the country that receives about 50,000 more Erasmus students per year.thanks to the country’s attractions and the university offer.

“I love this country, people are more open and I’m happy in Granada. Even sad people are happy,” he says. University of Granada Lithuanian Guoda Terlekyte. “more relaxed” than Kaunas, with a view of the Alhambra. The same thing happens to the Irishman David Kelley, who is studying in Madrid. “I love seeing how the world turns when I’m out with my friends in college“. About the national event, a Croat who crossed the Mediterranean to Cartagena, Emmanuela Madkovicexpresses the joy of finding citizens. “I haven’t spoken Croatian for two months and I’ve met five people from my country for a while, I’m very happy,” she says in her national dress. basilA Belgian studying in the Netherlands explained his stay in Almería “A great opportunity to learn Spanish” and “Knowing what real life is like in a small city for Spaniards”. Argentina Martina EbramOn the contrary, he chooses Barcelona precisely for his “rapid adaptation to the culture”. “But it also helps that it’s a beach.“She admits with laughter.

1,500 people who migrated to Valencia this Saturday will take guided tours of the city’s most important areas, ending their day with paella for lunch this Sunday.

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