Where to eat authentic Valencian paella in Madrid
Valencian paella

Where to eat authentic Valencian paella in Madrid

today Valencia Paella became one internationally recognized food. Therefore, although it originated in the Valencian Community, its preparation has spread throughout the country.

But is it possible to find an authentic Valencian paella in any restaurant? If you know someone from Valencia, when you read ‘Paella Valenciana’ on their restaurant sign, they have shown you their anger because there are more and more establishments. they don’t respect the real tariff. That’s why we show you some of them in this article. Best places to enjoy an authentic Valencian paella in Madrid.

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Rice dishes from Segis

Originally from Alicante, Los Arroces de Segis restaurant is located in the Tetuán district, on Calle Infanta Mercedes 109. Paella, made with the vine sprout technique in a very strong fire, is made in a visible kitchen that allows you to see how rice dishes are made.

Offers a rustic place single menu with traditional dishes and rice as main course to choose from a wide variety. The menu costs 37 euros and includes soft drinks, water and beer, as well as dessert, coffee or infusions.

Saffron rice

Paella and rice dishes on request Pozuelo and Majadahonda. There is a wide variety of rice dishes to choose from: Valencian paella, Senyoret rice, black rice, vegetable paella, seafood paella or rice with longaniza. You also have the option to order a fideuá. Its price ranges from 12 to 16 euros.

There are three ways to receive your paella in Azafrán Arroces: free pick-up and return, paella collection and delivery service for 5 euros, and home delivery for 15 euros.

Your home service is available in Pozuelo, Aravaca, Majadahonda, Boadilla, Las Rozas, Villanueva del Pardillo and Villafranca del Castillo.

victory stick

Located on Calle Noviciado 2, in the Malasaña district, it is known for having one of the best Valencian paellas in Madrid. Bar la Gloria, following the Valencian tradition only prepares paella on sundaysfor a price of 13.50 Euros per portion.

Despite his Andalusian identity, in 2015 Considered one of the top 10 paellas in Madrid In the guide ‘Where to eat authentic paella’ from Wikipaella.

It has a vintage feel that is a mix of the 50s and 60s, making it a charming establishment. It was opened in 2013 with the motto “There is no brunch here, there is paella” in 2013, when the reputation of brunch increased.

St. James Restaurant

With excellent Mediterranean cuisine, St. James owns three properties located in Rosario Pinto, Canalejas, and his emblematic restaurant in Juan Bravo.

Rice dishes are their specialty and they have more than 30 varieties. All done with one Signature Bomb Rice Home-grown, artisanally slow-cooked with seafood, vegetables, and fish. All rice dishes are suitable for celiac patients.

The restaurant also does fideuás with Galician seafood in different versions. There is also meat, fish and a wide variety of desserts made by pastry chefs.

st. James has home delivery or deliverythey have released their products with short instructions so you can cook your own rice at home.

Samm Restaurant

Samm Paella Restaurant / Samm Restaurant
Samm paella restaurant |Samm Restaurant

On Carlos Caamaño street we find Samm Restaurant, founded in 1973 by Vicente and Carmen. They have been preparing rice dishes and paellas in the capital for over 45 years.

The most requested dishes by restaurants, famous Valencian paella, seignoret pilaf and Russian salad. And if you want dessert, feel free to ask for the cheesecake they want.

The property is traditionally decorated. It has an interior hall and a large open space. They also prepare rice dishes to order and take away.


Located in the Chueca district, this property has retained its Valencian decoration since 1935, making it an authentic Valencian barracks.

In the preparation of rice dishes, more than three generationsthey use top quality ingredients and star ingredients, bomba rice.

A perfect rustic and traditional place to enjoy a good paella with your family. Star dishes are paella and seignoret seafood pilaf.

AlliOli Valencian Food

AlliOli Valencian Food / AlliOli Valencian Food
AlliOli Valencian Food |AlliOli Valencian Food

This small business was founded by two friends who really brought out the traditional Valencian cuisine. Madrid trail. Both the food and drinks in their kitchen come from Valencia.

You can order from their basic paellas and fideuás to typical Valencian starters like the Red Pepper Esgarraet or a seafood stew like the ‘suquet de peix’.

On Sundays, which coincide with El Rastro, you can enjoy ‘takeaway’ specialties: rice stocks, croquettes, pepitos…

This place offers you reasonable prices and has a takeaway option. Also, if you pass by, you won’t miss the delicious and refreshing horcha, typical of Valencia.

Berlanga Restaurant

Filmmaker and director José Luis García-Berlanga was encouraged by his friends to open this restaurant as they thought it prepared delicious Valencian rice dishes.

It is located on Calle Menéndez Pelayo 41, next to El Retiro, which you can see from its large terrace. This restaurant has antique furniture and an open kitchen and a large dining room filled with books. Rice dishes come from El Albufera Nature Parkand cooked on low heat with fresh ingredients.

“Making good rice is like making a good movie: having the best ingredients and dedicating time and love to them creates magic that makes everything perfect,” says Berlanga.

Carlos Rice

Carlos Ripoll believes that paella will be enjoyed at home with the family, which is why this project was launched. you can only order rice dishes at home..

He uses the best quality products for his paellas: natural broths, french fries, the best vegetables and meats, and bomba rice from his supplier Torca. You can choose from 10 typical Valencian paellas on their website. In addition, all their products are gluten-free.

The shipping fee is 5 Euros between 2 and 9 people and 9 Euros for 10 people. When you’re done with your paella, Caros Arroces will get it for free.

It’s as easy as placing your order, registering, choosing your favorite paella, specifying the number of people, choosing the delivery or delivery option and choosing the time. Eating a good paella in the capital has never been easier.

Valencia House

Located on Paseo del Pintor Rosales, the hotel stands out with its typical dishes from the Valencian Community. it was Opened by kings in 1975and since then countless personalities have passed through the Valencia character restaurant.

They specialize in rice dishes and paellas made with natural raw materials that give smoked a special touch, and saffron, a key ingredient that gives it flavor and value.

At Casa de Valencia you can enjoy one of the best paellas in Madrid for 19.50 per serving. They also offer the option of sending your order to your home if you place your order one day in advance.

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