Where to eat on Isla, the cradle of Cantabrian lobsters
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Where to eat on Isla, the cradle of Cantabrian lobsters

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The star product of Isla, famous for its excellent sea and land products and rich gastronomy, is lobster. The fish and shellfish offered by the Cantabrian Sea and the products obtained from the orchards surrounding the town center and made famous by peppers and tomatoes are the hallmarks of the region.

And just as blue and green star in the tables of restaurants on Isla, they are also in the entertainment offer of this town in the municipality of Arnuero and in the Trasmiera region.

Idyllic beaches such as El Sable and La Arena, both awarded blue flags, are teeming with impressive cliffs and countless trails and natural areas that delight those who love trails and hikes.

And if gastronomy and nature aren’t enough to make a claim, the town also offers an interesting cultural heritage, starting in its historic quarter, which was declared a Cultural Interest in 2004 due to its beauty and well-preserved complex. On the religious level, the churches of San Julián and Santa Basilisa stand out, and on the civil side, the Palace of the Counts of Isla and Cabrahigo Tower stand out. Along with the latter, Isla is home to two other medieval towers, Los Novales and Rebollar.


  • What to visit

  • Beaches:
    Sable, Arena, Arnadal, Ships. Calas de Cuarezos and La Cava.

  • civil heritage:
    historic helmet; Palace of the Counts of Isla; and the Cabrahigo, Novales, and Rebollar towers.

  • Religious structures:
    The churches of San Julián and Santa Basilisa.

  • Arnuero:
    Trasmiera Ecopark; Venero Tower; and the Church of Our Lady of Arnuero.

  • What to eat:
    Fish and shellfish: Lobster is particularly famous. | Garden products: Pepper and tomato stand out.

Address: Los Cuarezos Mansion.

Telephone: 942 679 332

Closed day: None.

chefs: Veronica Solana and Alfonso Gonzalez.

Specializations: Located on the Olimpo peninsula on Isla, in the words of its owner, “We can hardly find such a special and emotional location in the entire maritime geography of our country, like the small peninsula of La Magdalena”. This place is located by the sea, with the waves of the Bay of Biscay as a backdrop. It has an entertaining gastronomy proposal with the highest product and service quality. Products from his organic garden (at the restaurant stand), lobsters from his own nursery, rice menu, seasonal wild fish and high mountain red meats stand out. Five shellfish platters including lobster for €55 per person all inclusive.

Hotel restaurant Isla Bella

Address: Paseo El Sable, number 2.

Telephone: 942 679 306.

Closed day: None.

Chef: Daniel LopezJaime.

Specializations: Located at the foot of Sable beach, with a comfortable terrace and a restaurant for 60 people, Isla Bella Spa Restaurant is known for the quality of its local products such as Isla lobster, wild fish and shellfish from its own nurseries. and the famous vegetables from its gardens make it the perfect place for an island getaway.

Address: on the hunt. Juan Hormaechea, p/n.

Telephone: 942 659 970.

Closed day: None.

Chef: Victor Cuevas Neck.

Specializations: They use the highest quality produce and are great experts in rice, fish, shellfish, meats and salads from Cantabria. Interesting menu for €22 from Monday to Sunday (includes seafood paella on Sundays). Spacious dining rooms, inner garden with pergola, gazebo and terraces. They organize weddings, banquets and business dinners. Rice days are starting soon.

Address: on the hunt. Juan Hormaechea, nº 19.

Telephone: 942 679 597.

Chef: Juan Carlos Cabrera’s photo.

Specializations: A classic always in fashion in Isla. Traditional cuisine with top quality products. Specialists in letters, menus and groups, as well as events and banquets. Fish, seafood, rice and meat. It organizes several gastronomic days a year. Large terrace with isolated partition. Big free parking. Menu for 15 € from Monday to Friday; Weekend and holidays, 18 €.

Address: Bº El Hoyo, nº 3.

Telephone: 942 679 372.

Closing days: Tuesday late at night.

Owners: Sierra family.

chefs: Estrella and Cristobal Sierra.

Specializations: Fish from the beach, shellfish, rice dishes, stone-grilled steak, traditional stew, island-roasted cod, daily menu and weekend menu.

observations: It has a terrace and dining room for 120 people.

Address: Sable Walk, No. 4.

Telephone: 942 679 348.

Closed day: None.

Owners: Lavin Sarraga Brothers.

Chef: Joseph Casimir.

Specializations: Fresh seasonal fish and all kinds of seafood. Their own kindergarten. Paella, lobster broth pilaf, shellfish, cod tarpaulin, sea urchin, and any of their omelets and salads. The menu of the day and three specials: degustation, seafood and broth rice grilled or lobster paella.

Address: On the hunt by Juan Hormaechea, number 1.

Telephone: 942 679 540.

Closed day: None.

Owner: Astuy Hotel Management Group.

Chef: Arsenio Perez.

Specializations: Located in a privileged residential area on the rocks of the Cantabrian Sea with its magnificent terraces and extraordinary views, the Hotel Astuy restaurant is constantly evolving and always emphasizing the highest quality. Talking about Hotel Astuy means talking about fresh fish and natural nurseries with water and shellfish from the Bay of Biscay; but specifically speaking of lobster, the island’s lobster. Straight from the sea to the table. Also noteworthy are the meat, vegetables, peppers, tomatoes of the cattle grazing in the region… And especially the rice dishes, thanks to the good hand and excellent raw materials (lobster rice; seafood paella; special paella with lobster and lobster and a few more upon request) . The seafood tasting menu at 52.50 € and the daily menu at 25 € are interesting.

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