Why you should never order paella in New York
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Why you should never order paella in New York

When someone turns a different city to another country, or even more, to another continent, try to discover that spirit that makes life there different. The wanderer seeks opposition, singularity, what drives a society to be as it is, not otherwise. Something authentic, if that really exists.

That breath that pushes you to travel is not only with the transfer, which is the most trivial thing in the end, but also with it. knowing how other people live, how its architecture, the qualities of its climate; how they can adapt their city and, of course, what they eat. Gastronomy is an increasingly powerful stimulus for travelers.

So if you go to New York, you will be extraordinarily shocked. Meet Big Ben or if you’re going to Strasbourg It would be rare to find Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. Do not be surprised, this is exactly what is happening in gastronomy today. possible to find xouba Galician -from Vigo, as they say exactly-anywhere out of season -except Galicia-, fresh truffle in March and artichoke Freshly harvested in August. And often surprising meals like misfits in someone else’s house. And man hears this and, of course, remains silent. There is a certain collusion in this between the counter and the restaurant. Most of the time everyone knows everything and agrees not to be pointed at fiction if well dressed.

This happens for many reasons, first of all, most diners do not know gastronomy in depth. But that’s not your responsibility, it’s the restaurant that has to take charge of the accuracy of their products and claims. On the other hand, it happens because they usually like what’s different in the restaurant itself; sometimes the local cathedral is underrated and they want to suggest the Sydney Opera House if you can forgive the metaphor. And this is a shame, because a pathetic situation arises, which is the loss of local cuisine.

Popular cuisines arise from a society’s ability to make the most of what it has. essential products, that they have been processing with perfect care for hundreds, if not thousands of years, to produce products for large families. Well, cereals, legumes and seasonal vegetables, roughly, if I can. And it is made to be different everywhere, because they express the environment, the climate and the culture that men have developed. And so, there is polenta, who has an ex-daughter in Italy. print Rome, there empanadas in Galicia, paella from the Valencia orchard or porridge in the English countryside. Cereals expressed in different ways and singularly. In its simplest terms, it is the version of popular, poor, thoughtful, studied kitchens. Worthy.

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But precisely because of its humble origin, it is difficult to find. authentic versions in numerous restaurants. There are exceptions, and some of the dishes I’ve mentioned are often consumed in tourist destinations, for example, in the most luxurious versions of paella. But so many have been forgotten, so many have been lost… and that’s not the point, but it can happen. the result of thinking domestic cuisines are “small”. And it’s like we thought the local architecture was inadequate in the face of wealthy tourists who have splendid and better monuments in their city. And yet, the smart traveler is looking for exactly this difference, the local cuisine, probably poor in origin, but reborn under another prism in s. XXI.

The result of this semi-shame is that it is difficult to taste authentic food while traveling. If you don’t move around a lot, plan your trip carefully and find some. local support. And he marvels at the giants’ effort. highly technical and elaborate kitchen, They seem to work for hours, although they don’t always get good results. Of course, all cuisines should come together, but there is nothing better than tasting fish prepared simply in places by the sea, stews and stews in the interior, tropical fruits, simple desserts made of seasonal fruits with a love. aromatic Iberian fillet slices and tender gutted cheeses in fire Extremadura, wrinkled potatoes (and some of the countless mojos) in the Canary Islands. Melting fish with a shovel on the Cantabrian coast.

Do not try to prolong what you cannot extend. A dessert served on fish chips has a fishy flavor despite the vanilla rubbed on it. Being sustainable means that waste or processed vegetable peels; There’s no need to overdo it or spend a lot of time reusing something that shouldn’t be used in a restaurant. Good food is like well-understood grace, Simple and beautiful movement, comfortable for everyone and perfumed with a country-envigorating spirit. Always with that tremendous dignity. And popular kitchens fit and should more generously fit those gorgeous girls of the land and history. Because eating well is an elegant and cultured behavior.

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