with burrito, pizza or pineapple
seafood paella

with burrito, pizza or pineapple

You’ve probably seen an Italian put his hands on his head while watching the so-called preparations. carbonated pasta More sacred than this iconic dish of Italian cuisine, or poker-faced Japanese dipping a rice ball in soy sauce and watching you happily nigiri. Well, if there is a typical dish of our country that makes us nervous when we see how “versioned” it is, it is paella.

this Valencian paella Valencian paella and the rest, rice in paella with rice or something. While it is not surprising to go abroad under the name of Valencian paella without having to travel far at all, to find some dishes that have nothing to do with it and absolutely nothing to do with it.

“You don’t have to be afraid of Valencian paella, you just have to know what it is,” the chef had said a few months ago. Quique Dacosta a 20 minutes. Dacosta, the flag bearer of his estate and ambassador of the Valencian Rice Sect, assured this intermediary that “it’s the beginning of it all, because before a meal you have to understand that paella is a vessel.”

original recipe

Arroz a banda, baked, seignorette, crusty rice… we find endless dishes with rice as the main ingredient, especially in the Valencian Community, but not everything that is prepared in paella is Valencian paella.

If we talk about Valencian paella, according to their research, Valencia Catholic Universityaccording to science we are talking about that recipe There are only 10 ingredients: rice, water, olive oil, salt, saffron (or colourant), tomato, flat green beans, ‘garrof√≥’, chicken and rabbit.

Although this work is the result of extensive research with nearly 400 non-professional chefs over the age of 50, each native to 266 towns and cities in the province of Valencia, there are still those who resist. Understand that Valencian paella is just Valencian paella and create authentic monstrosities that do not go unnoticed on social networks.

From canned paella to pineapple paella

If you are from Valencia and have heart problems, avoid viewing the images below as they may impair your sensitivity. And we can find anything under the name ‘paella’.

That you forgot to bring food for work and didn’t want to eat a simple sandwich? Alright canned paella. What happened to lovingly preparing the sofrito and leaving some socarrat…

What would you like an authentic Tex-Mex fusion with the most emblematic dishes of our kitchen? Alright paella burrito. Oh yes. This New York restaurant prides itself on being the only restaurant in the world that offers paella burritos to its guests. And less bad.

If you look like you’re pulling your hair out in a burrito, inside Pizza not too far behind. And yes, there are already some pizzerias who dare to use rice in their dough.

If pizza is one of Italy’s most iconic dishes, pasta is a true staple of gastronomy. And so far our paella has arrived. Paella Stuffed Pasta. Or whatever.

We are proud that foreign chefs want to try cooking one of our most popular dishes, even if they don’t do well with chorizo, chicken and seafood.

And if there are people for whom the pineapple on the pizza is a real insult, wait, the twists are coming… Pineapple Paella! We believe this invention is worthy of vetoing its entry into the Valencian Community.

Every September 20 World Paella Daythis seems like the perfect excuse to enjoy the food, but please be the real one if possible.

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