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World paella ambassador David Montero reveals exotic ingredient for the perfect paella – Live

Paella recipe is one of the most sought after on the Internet. The ingredients vary according to the paella we will prepare. A recent study confirmed the ten essential ingredients of an authentic Valencian paella: rice, water, olive oil, salt, saffron (or colourant), tomato, flat green beans, ‘garrofó’, chicken and rabbit.

But we can open ourselves up to more ingredients if we decide to prepare a rice or paella without a ‘surname’. “The first thing we need to calculate is to know where it’s going, because cooking paella for restaurants is not as if we were going to eat it at home and right now,” he explains. COOPERATE,David Montero, international paella ambassador, Won first prize for Best paella in the Valencian Community at the 58th Sueca World Championships.


For a good paella at home with a professional ‘finish’, David Montero it is recommended to use rice “senia type, variety J Sendra“A grain that absorbs and carries a lot of flavor, which is what we want in a good paella.” It also ensures that the rice is the “hero” of all the ingredients.


For broth, Montero does the trick. To connect Coconut water with a strong maritime background. “It greatly enhances the flavor and softens it at the same time.” It also allows us to find some delicious “sweet” nuances. “We use it a lot with cuttlefish, cod and caramelized onions in fideuá, which we cook in addition to coconut water”, is the author of the book ‘Paella lovers’.

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