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World Paella Day returns to Valencia on September 20

In the World Paella Day Cup III Edition, 10 chefs from around the world will compete to cook the best paella, which they will then serve to customers from different countries.

Next Tuesday, September 20, Valencia will celebrate the fifth World Paella Day, a day when Valencian men and women share their traditional dishes with the rest of the world, claim their origins and remember their traditional recipes.

world paella day
Presentation of 2022 World Paella Day.

Tourism and Internationalization Council Member Emiliano García presented the agenda for activities, including World Paella Day, accompanied by Francesc Colomer, Regional Secretary for Tourism, and Jordi Mayor, Head of Tourism of the Diputación de València. After an intense training program by Chef Chabe Soler and experts Santos Ruiz, Toni Montoliu and Rafa Margos, 10 international chefs face off to win this coveted award.

As the Tourism Council Member put it, “the worldwide recognition of paella is an opportunity to talk about our gastronomy, our culture, our region, our identity and our open and welcoming character.”

For the Mayor of Jordi, “World Paella Day should be an unmissable appointment in the annual world gastronomic calendar” and called on all participants to “resonate loudly with the name of paella all over the world”. Let’s flood the social networks with paella photos and testimonials and make World Paella Day viral for another year. (You can find information about the event and on different social networks. its official website.

world paella day
Toni Gaspar and Emiliano Garcia at the World Paella Day 2022 presentation.

for your share Francesco Colomer, stressed the “importance of being able to share a new call for this initiative with a great projection and promotion and marketing capacity”. As the District Tourism secretary puts it, “starting an idea takes courage and keeping it coherent and able to work. In addition, in this case, it managed to overcome a pandemic and prevailed with great teamwork.”

This year, events were held in 14 different markets, including China, USA, India, Germany, Ireland and Norway, in cooperation with Turespaña and Overseas Tourist Offices. Events throughout the week include Showcooking with expert press and influencers, “Paella Weeks”, competitions on social networks or a master class with chefs who have participated in previous editions of the World Paella Day Cup.

III Edition of the World Paella Day Cup

world paella day

The main event that takes place is the World Paella Day Cup, an international paella competition where “10 chefs from different countries of the world travel to Valencia to train in our gastronomic culture and leave the city knowing much more than that traditional dish they left the city already cooked in their restaurant” presentation highlighted García during

Beyond the competition, which will take place on September 20, the finalist chefs participate in an immersion and education process on the product, technique and history of paella.

So they will tour Albufera to learn about the different rice varieties from Santos Ruiz of València Rice DO, among others; Together with Toni Montoliu, owner and chef of Barraca de Toni Montoliu, they will visit the garden, focusing on local produce; Les Bairetes chef Rafa Margós will be responsible for showing them the technique of processing firewood, and they will conduct a Valencian paella master class together with the winner of the WPD Cup 2020, Chabe Soler.

After the training phase, which will take place from 17-19 September, they will face each other live at the World Paella Day Cup, which will start at 10:00 am on 20 September in La Marina de València. The event can be tracked via RRSS.

Chefs participating in this competition come from countries such as France, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Canada, Finland and Italy.

First competition in municipal markets

The vendors of the main municipal markets wanted to attend World Paella Day and 1st Paella Competition of the Valencia Community Markets. The event, which will take place next Saturday, September 17th, aims to praise the role of municipal markets as suppliers of the km0 necessary to prepare a top quality product and a good paella.

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